Amancay Traduzioni: for that essential connection.

Today, we live in a world where globalization and free trade have opened the door to previously unimaginable economic and social opportunities.
Language is the essential connection between companies, facilitating communication and business across countries and partners the world over.

Technical & specialist translations

Amancay Traduzioni started out in 2004 and ever since has developed translation and localization services in various technical and specialized fields (including technical documents, software, manuals, contracts, catalogues, brochures, tender bids, budgets and financial statements, websites and much more) to deliver translations with the precise terminology and style required for all kinds of businesses and sectors.

The agency works with a wide range of industrial and commercial small, medium and large enterprises, marketing and communications agencies and firms, other translation agencies and freelance professionals.

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Commitment, quality & respect

We are the only translation agency in Latin America registered at UNILINGUE (Confindustria -Italian general confederation of industry) and FEDERLINGUE (Confcommercio - Italian general confederation of commerce, tourism and services), among the most important associations, which language service providers in Italy are part of and that give the opportunity to their members to access professional and ongoing training.
Membership to UNILINGUE and FEDERLINGUE also includes the stipulation of liability insurance, requiring members to comply with a professional code of conduct to protect customers’ interest and confidentiality.
This is an additional commitment that Amancay Traduzioni happily makes for its customers that show their trust in the agency year after year.

 Amancay Traduzioni applies the Federlingue Code of Ethics

The guarantee of impeccable work.

The guaranteed work quality of Amancay translators is the fruit of various methodologies adopted by the agency, offering precise, timely and continuous assistance, cross-checking among professionals, proofreading and detailed revision of translation projects from Italian, English and Spanish into 35 world languages.

No distance is a problem for Amancay Traduzioni.

Thanks to the latest information technology and telecommunications, the agency supports its clients anywhere, anytime.
Being geographically far from clients is no obstacle. In fact, it ensures that we can guarantee the highest quality from the most qualified translators and at the most competitive prices.

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