Food industry translations

Why are translations important in the food industry?

Nowadays, it is essential that food translations are carried out by professionals as they must respect not only the precision, but also other concepts such as respecting the culture of the countries the foods are intended for, nutrition rules, regulations on the information on labels and other facts.
Translations intended for the agrifood and food industry must therefore, check the terminology, identify and highlight ingredients that may cause food intolerances and allergies, point out any reactions and report other details provided by current rules (a job that must be continuously updated).

Translating food labels:
linguistic conformity is essential.

At Amancay, we are aware of the importance of food translations, therefore we rely on native translators who attentively verify the linguistic conformity between the original labels and the translated ones.
Our agency also provides clients with consultancy, which is much needed to avoid any penalties, common for example, when there are container disposal regulations, allergen declarations and other food safety information onlabels or in menus.
In addition, the Made in Italy mark is subjected to various government controls that require even more precise translations for exportation.



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Which translations do we offer your business?

Rely on our agency to translate texts about packaging, food labels, product data sheets and other materials if you export your products abroad, and to translate menus and contracts if you have a premises.
You can also trust us with the translation and localisation services of newsletters and marketing campaigns, recipes and culinary guides, video and application texts.


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